A Researchers Poem by Chris Jaegger

The Fromelles Team
Name, rank and serial number.
Next of kin and supposed age.
Search the records, what a bummer.
Better read another page.

Where were you born.
Both his parents names, occasionally.
Parents hearts have been torn.
Some losses, some gains amazingly.

The records are growing.
Back as far as we can.
All the time knowing.
The need to find our man.

It’s time to go sideways.
Let’s hope we’re on the right track.
Oh happy days.
Cut me some slack.

Census and electoral roll.
Marriages, births and deaths.
On and on we scroll.
We follow the trail into the depths.

These dates and names.
Time for some stalking.
Ahh so many the same.
It’s time to stop balking.

Contact has been made.
Reactions have been varied.
Through the information we wade.
Getting a little harried.

The submission is in at last.
Expectations are high.
This won’t be fast.
But we will all get by.