The thunder rolled, and dark clouds came, and soon the War Gods called

young men to fight for King and country, Mothers were appalled.

These Mothers in each county wept as they sent sons to war.

Few knew where their boys would be sent once they left England's shore.

The men were mustered, shipped aboard and left England behind.

They knew not what was waiting, but were calm within their minds

convinced they fought to keep loved ones at home safe and protected,

but when they landed at Fromelles 'twas far worse than expected.

The air was thick with bullets in a criss-cross grid of death.

Hundreds were mown down where they stood; ne'er chance to draw a breath.

The German forces had set up machine gun enfilades.

The Aussie boys were fighting too...Death paid for every yard.

After the battle guns had stopped, for the battle was lost

Germans reclaimed the land that our troops recently had crossed.

Over two hundred bodies were carried to 'Pheasant Wood.'

behind the German lines. Eight mass graves craved for Allied blood.

But now at last the fallen, those who fought and died in France

have finally been found again, given a second chance

to be once more a cherished part of their folks memories

in a cemetery of honour built for them across the sea.

The cemeteries not far away from their last resting place

but now they'll have the honours earned, a headstone and a face.

A place where families can come and mourn and honour their dead.

A tranquil place where Aussie flags are flying overhead.