It was with the greatest of pleasure that we accepted an invitation from St. Clare’s College at Waverley, to attend the launch of their documentary, The Lost Diggers of Fromelles, on 21 April, 2021. The documentary is a tribute to not only the men who fought so bravely, but also to the courage and determination of the women left behind, who fought so hard to keep their families together in the face of such overwhelming grief. Two years in the making, St. Clare’s students, in collaboration with acclaimed author and documentary maker, Mr. Patrick Lindsay, tell the story of the Battle of Fromelles through the eyes of the women left behind. Original plans to travel to Fromelles as part of the work in the creation of the documentary did not eventuate due to Covid-19, but the students found other ways of involving local input.

The documentary is available for viewing on Youtube, using the following link: The Lost Diggers of Fromelles

After the launch itself, acclaimed amateur historian Lambis Englezos was also able to recount his decade long quest to search for the Lost Diggers of Fromelles, at Pheasant Wood. Had it not been for the efforts of Lambis these soldiers would still be lying in the fields of Fromelles and many families around the nation would be left wondering what became of their loved one.

The interview with Lily, student at St. Clare’s College can be seen, again via Youtube, using the following link: Interview with Lambis Englisos

For more information on the documentary, please contact:- Michael Burden, Leader of Innovation and Partnerships St Clare's College, 41-51 Carrington Rd, Waverley. 2024 Telephone: (02) 8305 7100