Pheasant Wood Soldiers found in 2011 (14)

Pte Matthew HEPPLE 1897 – 1916
source Courtesy of Hepple family descendants. Photo restoration by Phil Robertson.

In 2011, 14 Soldiers headstones were revealed at the annual ceremony to honour the Pheasant Wood Soldiers.

* Noted In German Files

This includes Matthew Hepple, click on the link below to access his Soldier Story

Matthew Hepple


4744 Pte Bromley* Albert Clive 53rd A
4420 L/Cpl Craigie* William Andrew 54th B
3310 Cpl Fletcher* Frederick 55th
4811 Pte Geason Percy 55th C
1390 Pte Haslam* Herbert James 29th A
2056 Pte Hepple Matthew 30th D
3327 Pte Hungerford* George William 53rd A
1168 Cpl Livingston* David Frederick 29th D
1590 Cpl Murray* Charles William 30th C
3256 Pte Reid Maurice Leslie 32nd A
4299 Pte Russell* Arthur Joseph 54th B
743 Pte Ryan* Daniel Bernard 30th C
Capt Sheridan Thomas Francis 29th A
311 Pte Walsh* Leslie Gordon 31st A