Pheasant Wood Soldiers found in 2013 (5)

In 2013, Five soldiers were identified and their headstones revealed at Pheasant Wood.

Not pictured is William O'Donnell

* Noted on German Files

151 John William McKenzie.jpg
151 John William McKenzie
source AWM
2584 THomas Francis.jpg
3584 Thomas William Francis
source VWMA
605 THomas Bills.jpg
605 Thomas Henry Bills
source NAA: B2455 BILLS TH
346 William Barber.jpg
346 William Barber
source VWMA

Remembered with Honour

Regimental No Rank Surname First and Middle Names Battalion Company
346 Pte Barber* William 32nd A
605 Pte  Bills* Thomas Henry 31st C
2584 Pte Francis* Thomas William 29th D
151 Pte McKenzie* John Gordon 32nd A
319 Pte O'Donnell* William 29th A