Pheasant Wood Soldiers found in 2014 (19)

Sgt David S. Anderson 1891-1916
source Australian War Memorial, P10534.001

In 2014, 19 Soldiers were identified and listed below.

* noted in German Files

David Anderson was one of those soldiers, click below to read his story

David Anderson

Remembered with Honour

Reginmental No Rank Surname Name Battalion Company
2560 Sgt Anderson David Samuel 54th B
3007 Pte Baker* Vinton Battam 55th B
495 Sgt Campbell* Jack Marchmont 54th E
3585 Pte  Connolly* William Thomas 54th D
79 Pte  Crocker* John Edwin 32nd A
3557 Pte  Doust* Willie Hilton 54th D
1291 L/Cpl Glenn* Frederick James 30th C
4296 Pte  Gray* Sidney John 54th C
Lt Griffen Reginald Theodore 32nd A
1603 Pte  Knable* Adolf Thompson 32nd D
1553 Pte  McDonald* Archie 31st A
316 Pte  Oliver* Ernest Robert 29th A
2092 Pte  Parham* Edgar William 32nd B
1087 CSM Rose William Henry Christian 55th F
1245 Pte  Smith* Gordon Thomas 29th D
3924 Pte  St Smith* Herbert Newey 55th C
318 Pte  Weakley* Percy 31st A
4249 Pte  Williamson* Albert 53th B
794 CSM Woodman* Harold George 31st D